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Historical Preservation

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The honor to restore historical works of great architecture is something that we at Milwaukee Plastering feel privileged to receive. When we look at these great pieces, we think of their "Hay Day" and when they were at their height of greatness. We look at the design and the craftsmanship of the plastered pieces taking into consideration that skill and preciseness of the work. We take great care in assuring the work we do at Milwaukee Plastering is reflective of the original master plasterers and sculptures.


During a historical renovation, we will walk our clients through each step. We will take great strides in making the finished product as close to the original as is possible. We treat the building as if it were our own.


Our reputation for care and respect of these great pieces of architecture is hard deserved. We intend to continue to please our customers time and time again, as long as they will allow us.




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